SOLICITORS Specialist Family Lawyers in Ilford, London Law Society Accredited Advanced Family Panel Lawyers ARORA ASHTON PATEL
SOLICITORSSpecialist Family Lawyers in Ilford, LondonLaw Society Accredited Advanced Family Panel Lawyers ARORA ASHTON PATEL

Expertise through experience

The firm's experienced team of solicitors has been providing expert legal advice for many years.


When it comes to urgent legal matters, we offer comprehensive advice along with swift cost efficient delivery on all matters arising out of a divorce. Our service will focus on achieving a settlement through agreement of financial matters out of court if that is possible in order to save costs and time. If this is not possible or appropriate, we will act on your behalf ensuring that your interests are protected and fully represented.


Our service incorporates protection of your interests in issues of maintenance whether this is an interim provision whilst the financial matters are resolved or whether it is a final award. Most cases also involve dealing with the family home, businesses, shares and other properties and assets and ensuring that the correct award is made in the circumstances taking into account the needs of the children (if any).


Many cases also involve issues of inheritance, pensions and pension sharing and other financial provisions arising out of the breakdown of a marriage.


The above issues can also  be relevant for cohabitees following the breakdown of a relationship.


Our solicitors have specialised in this area of law for over 20 years and are able to provide constructive and accurate advice as to the type of decision a court is likely to make in your particular case whilst adopting the principles outlined in the Family Proceedings Rules.



Our firm offers: 

  • experienced and knowledgeable support and representation in a sensitive and effective manner
  • multilingual legal advice
  • support and advice on the full range of matters arising out of relationship breakdown including
  • Divorce and Separation
  • Civil Partnerships
  • Asset Protection
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Cohabitation Disputes
  • Domestic Violence/Injunctions
  • Child Custody/Residence
  • Annulments
  • Financial Settlements following breakdown of relationship

Call to find our more about any of the above subjects on 0208 508 8828or alternatively email on for a free call back from one of our specialist family solicitors.

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  • Our Specialisms

  • Divorce

  • Financial Settlements

  • Cohabitee Couples

  • Children/Child Arrangement Orders

  • Parental Responsibility

  • Legal Rights for Grandparents

  • Child Maintenance

  • International Family Law

  • Domestic Violence

  • Civil Partnerships

  • Financial Settlements

  • Cohabiting Couples

  • Pre- Nuptial Agreements







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